Back to School

The flurry of lab activity that I’ve had the last few weeks since I started this blog was due to being home for the holidays. I had more time than I’d had in months to work on my home chemistry projects. Even so, there was far more to do than I had time for, so I’m already eager to continue once I have time again.

That said, I probably won’t be home for an extended period of time in the next few months, so I will probably not be posting much until May. Shortly after that it will be the time of the year where around these parts it’s too unbearably hot to be standing over a hotplate in a building with no air conditioning, and I’ll once again have to force myself out of bed well before dawn if I want to beat the heat.

Until then, an occasional short post could be expected if I manage to get something done on a weekend, but they will certainly not be very frequent.

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